The New Wisdomap Medicine - the Ultimate Study Aid for Medical Students

The new look Wisdomap Medicine has finally landed!

Today we're delighted to launch our new brand (do you like the wise medical education owl?) and a faster and sleeker learning platform that works across desktops, tablets and mobiles. We've pretty much rebuilt Wisdomap Medicine from the ground up following user feedback. The other big change is that we are now focussing on medicine. We're dedicated to creating the world's best online learning aid for medical students. 

Medical education is crying out for a focussed online learning solution. We now have thousands of budding doctors using Wisdomap Medicine to learn. Rather than spreading ourselves thinly, we have decided to focus on your needs ... And we know (from experience) that medical students are a needy bunch! 

We've lots of exciting features planned - such as the ability to import your friends' flashcards into your maps, adding anonymised patient flashcards to diagnoses, OSCE videos, premium flashcards and diagnoses created by educational publishers, and more!

As we've just launched, there may be minor glitches so let us know if you come across any bugs. Also tell/shout/holler if there's any features you'd love to see as we love hearing from our users.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Wisdomap Team