A is for Apple; B is for Beta

Two weeks ago, we made some significant releases to Wisdomap Medicine. We launched our new brand (we've already had some positive feedback for our mortar boarded wise owl), new website and also an updated version of our map and flashcard technology. This makes the application faster, sleeker and as it's built with HTML5, usable across all mobile and tablet devices.

Today we are launching our Beta. For those not schooled in software development (why would you be? You're too busy with your medical studies and learning things that are important), a beta is the second phase of software testing in which a sample of the target audience tries the product out and provides feedback.

Wisdomap has been building learning tools for medical students for over three years. We've always listened to our users to progress the product. However the Beta is a more formal way to make sure we capture and display user feedback and iterate the product based on their needs. Over the next couple of months, we will be adding widgets inside the application to gather all the feature requests and bug reports so that we can continue to be build the world's best learning tool for medical students.

We will use this blog to update our learning community with how we are getting on.


The Wisdomap Team